1. Gather feedback from referees

    Include a feedback form immediately after submitting a reference.

  2. Interview needs

    Making sure candidates make reasonable requests for interview.

  3. User research with first Apply candidates

    Research interviews with first users of production service.

  4. Work history and volunteering guidance

    Making sure providers get the information they need about a candidate’s (unpaid) work history.

  5. Suitability to work with children

    Add a section to disclose convictions or anything that could affect suitability to work with children.

  6. Working patterns for part time jobs

    Adding a place for candidates to describe their working pattern.

  7. Give a teacher training reference (iteration)

    Simplifying the previous design.

  8. What we ask for and why

    A question protocol.

  9. Accessibility audit report from DAC

    The Digital Accessibility Centre audited our candidate, provider and support pages.

  10. Giving details about disability

    Training with a disability and reasonable adjustments course choices.

  11. Give a teacher training reference

    Replacing the Google form with an integrated form.

  12. Apply as launched on 26 November 2019

    The initial pilot with one provider.

  13. Amending and withdrawing

    Amending applications and withdrawing course choices.

  14. From Find to Apply

    User journey and screenshots for a new user.

  15. Apply – September 2019

    A full set of screens showing the design in mid-September.

  16. Asking for an undergraduate degree

    Get the most important degree details first.

  17. Cover letters

    Creating a place to customise what’s sent to each provider.

  18. Removing the teaching profile

    Why we removed it, and the alternative.

  19. Equality monitoring

    First pass at asking for information for monitoring equality.

  20. Work history - August iteration

    Move guidance into a question.

  21. Submitted application

    Applications page and read only view.

  22. Picking courses to apply to

    Providing a route to Find, or selecting the course you want.

  23. Sign up and log in using a magic link

    An alternative to using an account and password.

  24. Apply – June 2019

    A full set of screens showing the design in June 2019, broken down by section.

  25. Creating our first interactive prototype

    Testing an interactive version of the application form.

  26. Prototyping with paper-based application forms

    Testing hypotheses and preparing for a concierged service.

  27. Progressive application

    Ask for further information only when needed.

  28. Free form application and qualifications

    More free text, less structured data.

  29. UCAS Teacher Training

    For reference, a full set of screens showing the UCAS user journey.

  30. Apply – December 2018

    The Apply designs as they stood at the end of December 2018.

  31. Apply – August 2018

    The Apply designs as they stood at the end of August 2018.

  32. Apply – May 2018

    About you, qualifications and experience.

  33. Apply – April 2018

    Application and summary.