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Apply – August 2018

Our designer Vin documented these on Confluence:

When the free form application was tested with providers, they unanimously told us that they needed more factual / structured data.

Providers also need to know qualifications beyond the mandatory qualifications. This need is to address the eligibility criteria for candidates who might be applying to a subject that they do not have a degree in.

A detailed work history would help providers assess the eligibility of career changers if their work is relevant to the subject they would like to teach. This also helps the providers get a holistic picture of the candidate. (We believe that 5 years of the latest work history may be enough for the providers to decide on the eligibility of the candidates.)

Yet to be tested.

Your application#

Screenshot of Your application

Personal details#

Screenshot of Personal details

Contact details#

Screenshot of Contact details

UK status#

Screenshot of UK status


Screenshot of Education

Work history#

Screenshot of Work history

Experience and motivation#

Screenshot of Experience and motivation


Screenshot of Confirmation