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Equality monitoring

Our first pass at asking for information for monitoring equality.

We need to collect this information so that providers can report it back to HESA. It is only sent to a provider when the application process is complete.

The information we collect must be compatible with HESA’s requirements.

What are we asking for?

In this design we are asking for:

We are not yet asking about gender identity.

Where should this live?

This design puts the equality monitoring questions after you’ve reviewed your completed application and are on the journey to submit. We wanted to create a separation between what goes to a provider and what doesn’t. To highlight that this information is being treated differently.

However having to fill in all of this extra information at this point, when a user is expecting to submit and finish, is an unexpected chore. If the user has awareness of this section ahead of submitting it might be a smoother journey.

Asking about disability

This design was initially based on the NHS’s Accessible Information Standard diversity monitoring questions. This will be updated, given that the NHS version is slightly more health leaning than required here.

Asking about sex and gender

We currently ask for sex, but not gender identity. Gender identity is not listed in the HESA collection nor the list of currently collected information. As noted in the link above though, there is precendent for collecting gender identity information in other HESA collections.

The GOV.UK Design System notes that we should not ask for sex, and does not yet make an exception for equality monitoring:

If you do need to ask, use ‘sex’ when you need biological data (for example, if you’re providing a medical service). In all other cases, use ‘gender’.

The design system backlog has a discussion about collecting gender information.

See also this LGBT survey for reference.

Asking about ethnicity

The design system provides a complete pattern for collecting ethnicity information that we have reused.

Equality monitoring#

Screenshot of Equality monitoring

What is your sex?#

Screenshot of What is your sex?

Sexual orientation#

Screenshot of Sexual orientation

Disability status#

Screenshot of Disability status

Any health problems?#

Screenshot of Any health problems?

Ethnic group#

Screenshot of Ethnic group

Ethnic background#

Screenshot of Ethnic background


Screenshot of Religion

Check your answers#

Screenshot of Check your answers