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Free form application and qualifications

Our designer Vin documented these on Confluence (Project Bluesky).

In user testing sessions, we"ve seen candidates with varied education and experience. Using structured format for data in the previous prototypes was a roadblock, as most candidates did not find their profile fitting into a standard format.

Candidates want to express more about themselves than just giving mandatory data.

Candidate findings

  • Candidates received the light weight, free format application form well
  • Candidates rely on the help text to figure out what has to be filled in the sections
  • Having work experience and skills in different pages leads to confusion, since candidates do not have a visibility of the next sections of the application.

Provider findings

  • Providers found that the application contents are not detailed enough for them to make a decision on the application
  • Providers need factual data about the education and work

Your application#

Screenshot of Your application

Personal details#

Screenshot of Personal details

Your qualifications#

Screenshot of Your qualifications

Your qualifications (expanded)#

Screenshot of Your qualifications (expanded)

Your teaching experience and motivation#

Screenshot of Your teaching experience and motivation


Screenshot of References