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Picking courses to apply to

Candidates using Apply need to choose a course to apply to.

If a candidate doesn’t know what course to apply to, give them a route to Find to begin or resume their search.

Otherwise provide autocomplete features for picking the provider and course. The autocomplete shouldn’t depend on course and provider codes, but if a candidate enters them they should work too.

We’ll need to amend this design to include training locations too – some courses offer multiple locations that a candidate can choose between. For example national SCITTs or school direct providers working with many schools.

Users coming directly from Find could have a course pre-populated or added using a different flow, this hasn’t been designed yet.

Your application#

Screenshot of Your application

Have you chosen a course to apply to?#

Screenshot of Have you chosen a course to apply to?

Which training provider?#

Screenshot of Which training provider?

Which course?#

Screenshot of Which course?

Find a course (when course isn’t known)#

Screenshot of Find a course (when course isn’t known)