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From Find to Apply

An iteration following an early 2019 design of the journey.

This design includes:

  • an interstitial showing the choice between GOV.UK Apply and UCAS Apply
  • a page adding the selected course as a choice in a new application

It doesn’t cover the journey from Find for a user with an existing account or application.

The journey intentionally skips the Apply start page, going straight from the interstitial to the eligibility questions. A ‘Start now’ button doesn’t fit well in the middle of a journey. With the start page being hosted on GOV.UK, this would create a technical challenge: how would we maintain a choice from Find to GOV.UK and onwards to Apply.

To skip the start page, the content on the Apply and Find start pages must be consistent.

User journey

User journey diagram

Google drawing

Choose how to apply#

Screenshot of Choose how to apply

Check you can use GOV.UK Apply#

Screenshot of Check you can use GOV.UK Apply

Give us your email#

Screenshot of Give us your email

Check your email#

Screenshot of Check your email

Confirm email address#

Screenshot of Confirm email address

Account created#

Screenshot of Account created

You selected a course#

Screenshot of You selected a course

Pick a course location#

Screenshot of Pick a course location

Course choices#

Screenshot of Course choices