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Interview needs

Universities do not usually have much flexibility when setting interview dates.

Several universities told us that the guidance on our Interview preferences page suggests they have more flexibility than they do.

User need

As a candidate
I need need my provider to accommodate my circumstances
So that I can go to the interview



The data we have from candidates so far suggests that they are not unreasonable in their requests.

However, some candidates have said they are not available on certain dates without giving a reason. Universities are unlikely to accommodate this, unless it fits in with the pre-arranged interview schedule.

Universities are more likely to be flexible if they know about a candidate’s circumstances, for example:

  • they’re disabled
  • they have caring responsibilities

Our hypothesis

If we encourage candidates to tell us about their circumstances in the guidance

Then providers will try to accommodate them

Because they want to widen participation and prevent discrimination

How will we know this works?

We’ll know this works when:

  • candidates understand what this section is for
  • providers get information that they’re likely to take into account when setting an interview date

We’ll test the new content with users to see if we get the right results.

Screenshot of new interview needs content.
New interview needs content