1. Giving lead schools the ability to manage permissions for their accredited bodies

    We added a way for lead schools to give permission to their accredited bodies to manage courses and locations on their behalf

  2. Updating button labels and success messages

    We updated the content on some buttons and success messages to match the interaction

  3. Changes to the welcome email

    We updated the welcome email users receive to make it concise and consistent with other emails we send

  4. Reorganising organisation details

    We updated the organisation details section to lay out the content better

  5. Managing accredited bodies if you’re a lead school

    We simplified how lead schools manage their accredited body relationships

  6. Viewing training partners and their courses if you’re an accredited body

    We moved courses as an accredited body into a new section called training partners

  7. Simplifying how organisations manage their users

    We simplified the process of managing users and removed the need for Support team involvement

  8. Managing and communicating rollover in 2021

    We duplicated courses, added a new page to the service and informed users about the rollover process

  9. Adding primary navigation to the service

    Helping users navigate parts of the service with primary navigation

  10. Financial incentives for ancient language courses

    We added ancient languages to the subject drop-down list and informed providers about the new financial incentive

  11. Managing individual email notifications

    Let users choose which emails they receive

  12. Audit of email notifications and improvements to content

    We documented which emails are sent and when. We also improved the content to make the notifications clearer and more concise

  13. Adding questions about visa sponsorship to courses

    We added questions about visa sponsorship to the new course and the edit course flows

  14. Removing UCAS content

    We updated the location pages to remove all mentions of UCAS and made other changes to the content

  15. Changing ‘applicants’ to ‘candidates’

    We changed ‘applicants’ to ‘candidates’ to match the wording used on the Apply and Manage services

  16. Improving content on the course pages

    We updated the content to make it clearer how to add, edit and remove a course and aligned the content with the style guide

  17. Updating the visa sponsorship guidance

    We updated the visa sponsorship guidance for providers to include candidate eligibility criteria and how sponsorship works

  18. Visa sponsorship question wording change

    Why we updated the visa sponsorship question

  19. Placement schools and training centres

    Asking providers to give more detailed location information

  20. Pending GCSEs and equivalency tests

    Asking providers how flexible they are on GCSE entry requirements

  21. Degree entry requirements

    Asking providers what their degree entry requirements are

  22. Visa sponsorship

    Asking providers which visas they can sponsor

  23. Rollover – what we did in 2020

    How we handled rollover for the second time

  24. Uncoupling UK and EU course fees

    Allowing providers to specify different course fees for UK and EU/international students

  25. User personas as test accounts in Publish

    Viewing Publish from the perspective of our users

  26. Notifications iteration

    Iterating the notifications we send to accredited bodies

  27. Notifications for users with access to multiple organisations

    Allowing accredited body users to choose which organisations they receive notifications about

  28. Researching the needs of users with access to multiple organisations

    We were interested in learning more about users who belong to multiple organisations

  29. Request PE courses as launched for accredited bodies

    The allocations process for the 2021 – 2022 recruitment cycle is now available to accredited bodies

  30. How will candidates apply for this course?

    Making allowances for providers with bespoke application processes

  31. New features for accredited bodies

  32. Managing notifications – feedback from universities

    Changes to notifications following research with HEIs

  33. Managing users

    Providing a way for users to view, invite and remove users from their organisation

  34. Managing notifications

    Initial ideas for managing notifications

  35. Allocations alpha

    Designing to accomodate changes to the allocations process for 2021 - 2022

  36. New course wizard as launched for accredited bodies

    The new course wizard is now available to accredited bodies

  37. Notifications MVP

    Identifying an initial set of notifications and the critical user flows required to manage notifications in Publish teacher training courses

  38. Accredited bodies research - Round 3

    Research on the role of accredited bodies and their relationships with their partner schools

  39. Accredited bodies research - Reporting round 2

    Continued research with accredited bodies to determine reporting needs

  40. Accredited bodies research - Reporting

    Research interviews with accredited bodies to determine reporting needs

  41. Rollover – what we did in 2019

    How we handled our first rollover period

  42. Allocations process for 2020 – 2021

    A summary of the request process followed for this cycle

  43. Emails for the new 2019/20 cycle

    Prompts and updates for providers

  44. Show allocation policy on a course

    Indicate the current policy on course detail pages

  45. UCAS GCSE requirements – A read only MVP

    Show the codes and their meanings to ship earlier

  46. Highlighting the multiple organisations feature

    Call out how to get access to more organisations

  47. Courses as an accredited body

    See which courses you’re the accredited body for

  48. Support for missing features

    Filling the gap left by unbuilt features

  49. What we shipped for UCAS transition

    Locations, location editing and vacancies

  50. Publishing during rollover

    What does Publish do, what changes?