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Improving the course summary examples guidance page

We asked providers for their feedback on the ‘Course summary examples’ page as part of user research into the new guidance pages for Publish teacher training courses (Publish).

While the response was generally positive, some providers:

  • felt the examples needed more detail
  • would like to see examples for different provider types - for example, primary courses
  • wanted more information about why the examples are good

Originally, we created the examples ourselves, making sure they follow best practice and our guidance. However, we felt that using real examples as the basis for our examples would resonate more with providers.

We emailed 2 providers who had high-quality course summary content to ask their permission to edit and use their content in our guidance. Both providers consented.

What we changed

As we are no longer reducing the word count for the ‘Course summary’ section from 400 words to 200 words, we updated the introduction.

We also:

  • changed the 2 course summary examples
  • added more information about why they are good examples

Future considerations

Some providers in our research said they would like to see examples that are most relevant to what type of provider they are and what kind of course they offer.

We could investigate adding more examples to this page or making the content dynamic - the content would change depending on the provider type.

Course summary examples#

Screenshot of Course summary examples