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Adding guidance on how to use this service

We have added a new guidance section to the service to help users create better course content.

This work builds upon the changes we made to improve the guidance on the course description pages.

What we changed

We removed the ‘how to publish teacher training courses’ as the information was incorrect and outdated.

We added a new section called ‘How to use this service’. This section links to two new pages:

  • Course summary examples
  • Writing descriptions for Publish teacher training courses

We link to this section from the footer.

How to use this service

We updated the link and page title to ‘How to use this service’. We removed the content and added links to the new advice pages.

Course summary examples

This new page contains two examples of a well-structured course summary.

The examples follow the updated guidance. They use plain English, short sentences and short paragraphs to make the content easy to read and scan.

Writing descriptions for Publish teacher training courses

This page contains more information about writing well for the web. It includes:

  • information about what candidates are looking for
  • more ideas on what to include in course descriptions
  • broader information on how people read online with a link to planning, writing and managing content on GOV.UK

Future considerations

We have removed the markdown guidance from the service, so we may need to include this in the ‘Writing descriptions for Publish teacher training courses’ page.

Following user research findings, we will make iterations to the pages before rollover. For example, we know that the updated guidance was received positively, but the idea to reduce the word count for ‘About this course’ from 400 to 200 was received negatively.

How to use this service#

Screenshot of How to use this service

Course summary examples#

Screenshot of Course summary examples

Writing descriptions#

Screenshot of Writing descriptions