Posts tagged ‘guidance’

  1. Adding a guidance page about schools and study sites

    We added a new guidance page to help providers understand how to add schools and study sites to a course

  2. Adding new guidance pages to ‘How to use this service’

    We added some new guidance about how to use Publish following initial teacher training (ITT) reforms

  3. Updating Register’s guidance pages

    We updated Register’s guidance pages to help different training providers find what they need quickly

  4. Showing dates and deadlines for the next recruitment cycle

    We added information about the next recruitment cycle to the dates and deadlines page.

  5. Improving the course summary examples guidance page

    We updated the course summary examples page in response to provider feedback

  6. Improving the guidance on the course description pages

    We updated the guidance on the course summary, school placements and interview process pages to make it more relevant and concise

  7. Adding guidance on how to use this service

    We added a new guidance section to the service to help users create better course content

  8. Updating the visa sponsorship guidance

    We updated the visa sponsorship guidance for providers to include candidate eligibility criteria and how sponsorship works

  9. Adding guidance about dates and deadlines

    We’re replacing the existing service guidance with shorter and more focused guides, starting with a table of dates and deadlines

  10. Support for missing features

    Filling the gap left by unbuilt features

  11. Contextual guidance on course fields

    A first pass at providing some guidance for each course field. Starting from the original onboarding guidance

  12. Course with variants and field guidance

    Exploration of a course page with fields to capture variants of a course and the differences between them