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Improving the course preview

We updated the draft course preview in Publish teacher training courses (Publish) to make it easier for providers to visualise how the course will appear on Find postgraduate teacher training (Find).

Improving the course preview can help providers to see the see the static content on a course page in context. This should reduce the risk of providers writing unnecessary or duplicated content.

We also made it easier for providers to add any missing content.

What we changed

We have updated the:

  • preview banner
  • edit call to action in each section
  • static content

We also removed the disabled ‘Apply for this course’ button since it was unnecessary.

Preview banner

We updated the preview banner to say:

This is a preview of how your course will appear on Find.

Edit call to actions

We include edit links for:

  • Course summary
  • School placements
  • Entry requirements - separate links for degree and GCSE requirements
  • Salary - if the course is salaried
  • Fees and financial support
  • About the training provider
  • About the accredited provider - if a training partner runs the course
  • Interview process
  • Training with disabilities and other needs

When a user selects one of the edit links, they are taken to the appropriate section, where they can add the required information. Once updated, they return to the course preview with the new information shown.

We hide all information within a section until the required information is added. For example, we do not show the list of schools until the information in that section is complete.

Course preview#

Screenshot of Course preview

Course preview with some sections completed#

Screenshot of Course preview with some sections completed

Course preview with all sections completed#

Screenshot of Course preview with all sections completed