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Making course previews consistent with Find

When a provider drafts a new course in Publish teacher training courses (Publish), they can preview it before they publish it on Find postgraduate teacher training (Find).

How we displayed previews in Publish was inconsistent with the course pages in Find.

What we changed

We have:

  • removed the primary navigation
  • added a backlink to the course page
  • updated the content to match Find
  • improved the call to actions when content is missing

To make the course preview a more accurate reflection of the course page on Find, we removed the service’s primary navigation and added a backlink to the course details page.

We also disabled the ‘Apply for this course’ button, rather than remove it, to inform providers where we show the button on the course page on Find.


Providers write most of the content for the course page, for example, about the course, school placements and entry requirements.

Other content is the same for all courses, for example, the government’s advice on financial support from Get Into Teaching (GIT) and support and advice. We made sure this content was consistent with Find.

Missing content

There are several required fields a provider must complete when publishing a course.

If the content is missing, we indicate the required fields in the preview using inset text and show a call to action asking the provider to enter the information. The call to action links directly to the section they need to complete.

For example, if the provider has not entered details about school placements, the inset text says, ‘Enter information about school placements.’ The link takes the user to the school placements question within the course description.

Course preview#

Screenshot of Course preview

Course preview with missing information#

Screenshot of Course preview with missing information