Posts tagged ‘claims’

  1. Round 5 accessibility research findings

    We conducted research with users with accessibility needs to ensure the service is inclusive of their needs and usable with assistive technology

  2. User research with private beta ITT providers

    We conducted research with our private beta providers to understand if the processes to share claim data we have put in place meet their needs

  3. Round 4 accessibility research findings

    We conducted accessibility testing to ensure that the service is usable by everyone, including users with disabilities

  4. Round 3 research findings

    We tested the final iterations of the prototype ahead of private beta go live

  5. Submitting draft claims

    We added a way for school users to submit draft claims

  6. Showing grant conditions

    We added the grant conditions to the service so that our private beta users can view them before being published on GOV.UK

  7. Logging who submitted a claim

    We added details of who submitted the claim for assurance purposes

  8. Round 2 research findings

    We tested iterations of the service to help users gain a better understanding of the service, as well as their expectations of post-submission and sampling

  9. Updating the claim flow

    We updated the add claim flow following feedback from user research

  10. Adding claims in Support on behalf of schools

    We added a way for the Support team to draft claims on behalf of schools

  11. Round 1 research findings

    We tested the first iteration of the ‘make a claim’ and ‘add a mentor’ journeys to gain insights into the users of the service, their behaviours and mental models

  12. Submitting claims for funding

    We added a way for schools to submit claims for funding their mentors’ training