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Updates to the claim declaration and confirmation pages

We updated the claim declaration to include grant conditions acceptance and the claim confirmation page to include who we share the claim information with.

Claim declaration

Users must agree to a declaration when they submit a new or draft claim.

We updated the declaration to include a bullet point that they have read and accepted the grant terms and conditions.

The declaration now reads:

By submitting this claim, I confirm that:

  • I am authorised to claim on behalf of the school
  • I have read and accepted the grant terms and conditions
  • the information detailed above is accurate, and the total I am claiming back has been used to support the cost of the mentor training
  • I will provide evidence to support this claim if requested by the Department for Education

Sharing claim information

We updated the claim confirmation page to state that we will share the claim with their provider. This information is important as providers ensure the training is carried out.

This need arose from a user research session with one of the early adopter providers, who wished to see claims before payment.

Providers do not need to verify the claim before sampling (audit); sharing details of the claims with them enables them to review the claims if they wish. This information may also help to prepare them for when DfE asks them to provide evidence to support some of the claims their placement organisations have made as part of the sampling process.

Sharing the claims with accredited providers before payment will be reviewed before moving to public beta to ensure that there is a clear user need for it. If not, we will remove this process from the public beta.

Submit a new claim - check your answers#

Screenshot of Submit a new claim - check your answers

Submit a draft claim - declaration#

Screenshot of Submit a draft claim - declaration

Claim submitted - confirmation#

Screenshot of Claim submitted - confirmation