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Submitting draft claims

In a previous piece of work, we added a way for support users to add claims on behalf of schools.

Support users cannot submit claims as school users must agree to a declaration before submitting the claim. This constraint means that claims created by support users are in a ‘draft’ state.

What we changed

We added a way for school users to submit draft claims.

How it works

Submit draft claim flow
Submit draft claim flow

From the claim details page, the ‘Submit claim’ flow has two steps:

  1. Check your answers
  2. Confirmation

Check your answers

On the check your answers, we show:

  • school
  • accredited provider
  • mentors
  • hours of training - for each mentor
  • claim amount

Users can change:

  • accredited provider
  • mentors
  • hours of training - for each mentor

Users must agree to a declaration when submitting the claim.


When the draft claim is submitted, we show a confirmation page that includes a:

  • reference number
  • description of what happens next

Further considerations

We considered showing the check your answers page from the claims list for all draft claims.

We did not implement this approach. When a school user selects to view a claim from the claims list, we show the claim details regardless of the claim’s status (draft or submitted).

This approach means:

  • we always show the same claim details page to the user
  • we follow a familiar pattern used in all lists used in Becoming a Teacher (BAT) services
  • users don’t need to know why one claim details page looks different from another
  • users can decide what to do next - we do not assume intent (submit claim or view claim)
    The downside of this approach is that we will have partly duplicated functionality, such as the summary lists with change links.

We will review this decision in the future. For example, we may want to introduce a draft claims list to optimise the user’s tasks.

Claims list#

Screenshot of Claims list

Claim details - submitted status#

Screenshot of Claim details - submitted status

Claim details - draft status#

Screenshot of Claim details - draft status

Submit claim - check your answers#

Screenshot of Submit claim - check your answers

Submit claim - confirmation#

Screenshot of Submit claim - confirmation