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Alpha prototype

The Register teacher trainee service exists to support the exchange of data on trainee teachers in England between accredited Initial Teacher Training (ITT) providers and the DfE.

Each year the service provides data on approximately 40,000 trainee teachers across 632 institutions in England.

The Register alpha focused on replacing an existing DfE product, the Database of trainee teachers and providers (DTTP) and ran from 27 April to the end of July, with an assessment in early August.

Next steps

The alpha produced a static prototype hosted on InVision.

A functional prototype is being built which will enable us to gather further insights from research.

The team has identified areas in the current prototype that will require further thought for the functional prototype such as:

  • the ‘add a record’ journey includes a form split over multiple tabs which presents accessibility and usability issues
  • adding multiples of things such as education qualifications and diversity information
  • adding personal details for candidates/trainees that either studied or are living overseas

Start page#

Screenshot of Start page


Screenshot of Guidance


Screenshot of Dashboard

Teacher trainee list#

Screenshot of Teacher trainee list

Teacher trainee list additional states#

Screenshot of Teacher trainee list additional states

Start record#

Screenshot of Start record

Personal details#

Screenshot of Personal details

Contact details#

Screenshot of Contact details

Previous education#

Screenshot of Previous education

Assessment details#

Screenshot of Assessment details

Incomplete record summary#

Screenshot of Incomplete record summary

Complete record summary#

Screenshot of Complete record summary

Submitted for TRN#

Screenshot of Submitted for TRN

Ready for QTS recommendation#

Screenshot of Ready for QTS recommendation

Check QTS details#

Screenshot of Check QTS details


Screenshot of Deferral

Check deferral details#

Screenshot of Check deferral details

Deferral successful#

Screenshot of Deferral successful

Deferred record#

Screenshot of Deferred record

Deferral status#

Screenshot of Deferral status

Reinstate candidate in progress#

Screenshot of Reinstate candidate in progress

Reinstate candidate#

Screenshot of Reinstate candidate