Posts tagged ‘references’

  1. Adding a new page for references

    We moved information about references out from the application page onto a new references page

  2. Changing how we ask people for a reference

    Why we now ask people to give a factual reference instead describing how the candidate would make a good teacher.

  3. Guidance about references when making an offer

    We added information about the new references process and how to tell candidates about further reference conditions.

  4. Asking candidates to confirm who reference requests should be sent to

    When candidates accept an offer, they also now have to confirm who should receive reference requests.

  5. Asking candidates for reference details when they apply

    We changed the application process because candidates no longer need to receive 2 references before they apply

  6. Requesting references after offers have been accepted

    Candidates no longer need to get references before they can submit applications. They just need to give details of people who can give references.

  7. Making references an offer condition

    Exploring how providers could request and review references after a candidate accepts an offer.

  8. Updating the referee flow

    Why we made made changes to the reference flow

  9. Selecting references

    Letting candidates choose which references to submit with their application

  10. Getting references before submitting an application

    Removing the delay between submitting an application and it reaching providers.

  11. Making the references process faster

    Changing the way we ask for references to find out if it’s taking longer than needed.

  12. Improving the references user journey

    Adapting the references section so it works for candidates applying for the first time and for candidates applying again.

  13. Give a reference (second iteration)

    Asking for more information from referees.

  14. Asking candidates to nominate referees

  15. Replace both referees

    Let a candidate add 2 new referees.

  16. Replace a referee

    Let a candidate add a new referee.

  17. Gather feedback from referees

    Include a feedback form immediately after submitting a reference.

  18. Give a teacher training reference (iteration)

    Simplifying the previous design.

  19. Give a teacher training reference

    Replacing the Google form with an integrated form.