Posts tagged ‘permissions’

  1. Emailing accredited bodies when they have been added to a lead school or their permissions have changed

    We created three notification emails to let accredited bodies know about changes to permissions

  2. Giving accredited bodies the ability to manage courses they ratify

    We added a way for accredited bodies to manage their training partners’ courses

  3. Giving lead schools the ability to manage permissions for their accredited bodies

    We added a way for lead schools to give permission to their accredited bodies to manage courses and locations on their behalf

  4. Viewing training partners and their courses if you’re an accredited body

    We moved courses as an accredited body into a new section called training partners

  5. Researching the needs of users with access to multiple organisations

    We were interested in learning more about users who belong to multiple organisations

  6. Setting up permissions (iteration 3)

    Handling when the user belongs to multiple organisations and including clearer guidance for how permissions work.

  7. Managing users

    Providing a way for users to view, invite and remove users from their organisation

  8. Highlighting the multiple organisations feature

    Call out how to get access to more organisations

  9. Request access

    Request access for users