Posts tagged ‘interviews’

  1. Improving the content in the ‘Interview needs’ section

    We improved the content on the question where we ask candidates about their interview availablity

  2. Improving the email sent to candidates about new interviews

    We now include the course subject and code. We also show details separately rather than in a single section.

  3. Emailing candidates about upcoming interviews when their course is changed

    We’ll send candidates an email with updated interview details if a user changes the subject or training provider for their course.

  4. Changing course when there are upcoming interviews or the training provider is changed

    We added content to tell users what happens if they change the course for an application with upcoming interviews, or transfer an application to another training provider.

  5. Allowing a wider range of input formats for interview time

    We’ve made the interview time validation more flexible so that we allow most formats which are clearly either 12 hour or 24 hour

  6. Cancelling upcoming interviews when making decisions

    Automatically cancelling any upcoming interviews when making an offer, rejecting an application or withdrawing an application

  7. Interview needs

    Making sure candidates make reasonable requests for interview.