Posts tagged ‘emails’

  1. Emailing providers to let them know ‘Study sites’ is no longer mandatory

    We emailed all users to tell them they do not need to enter a study site to be able to publish a course and encouraged them to publish as soon as possible

  2. Updating the emails sent when users create an account or sign in

    We’ve changed the account creation and sign in emails, to make it easier for users to understand the processes.

  3. Improving the email sent to candidates about new interviews

    We now include the course subject and code. We also show details separately rather than in a single section.

  4. Emailing users to let them know that courses will be rolled over soon

    We emailed all Publish users to tell them that their courses would be rolled over on 7 July 2022

  5. Emailing accredited bodies when they have been added to a lead school or their permissions have changed

    We created three notification emails to let accredited bodies know about changes to permissions

  6. Changes to the welcome email

    We updated the welcome email users receive to make it concise and consistent with other emails we send

  7. Emailing candidates about upcoming interviews when their course is changed

    We’ll send candidates an email with updated interview details if a user changes the subject or training provider for their course.

  8. Managing individual email notifications

    Let users choose which emails they receive

  9. Audit of email notifications and improvements to content

    We documented which emails are sent and when. We also improved the content to make the notifications clearer and more concise

  10. Emailing a candidate when their course details are changed

    We created an email for candidates when course details are changed before an offer is made. We also updated the email sent when course details are changed at the same time as or after an offer is made.

  11. Emailing users when their permissions are updated

    Adding a new email notification which is sent when a user’s permissions are updated.

  12. Review of provider emails

    Making emails clearer and more consistent.

  13. Removing ‘rejected by default’ from the email users receive when they do not make a decision in time

    We removed the term ‘rejected by default’ and made other improvements to the email about automatic rejection

  14. Emailing a candidate when the status of their conditions has been updated

    Telling a candidate when the provider changes the status of offer conditions to met or pending

  15. Emailing users who are added to or removed from an organisation

    We improved the email sent to users when they’re added to an organisation and created one to send when users are removed

  16. Notifications iteration

    Iterating the notifications we send to accredited bodies

  17. Notifications MVP

    Identifying an initial set of notifications and the critical user flows required to manage notifications in Publish teacher training courses

  18. Emails for the new 2019/20 cycle

    Prompts and updates for providers

  19. Email about Publish changes in April

    Sent on Wednesday 13 March

  20. Email asking for providers who are available 15-18 April for our first UCAS transition group

    Sent on Thursday 7 March

  21. Email announcing UCAS transition

    Sent on Monday 20 February

  22. Welcome email

    The email we send when users first sign in