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Making it clearer that a trainee is waiting to be awarded teaching status

A trainee is not instantly awarded teaching status when a user recommends them for early years teacher status (EYTS) or qualified teacher status (QTS).

The recommendation is sent to the database of qualified teachers (DQT) to be confirmed. The award is usually made the same day.

We show a summary card with EYTS details or QTS details on the trainee record as soon as the recommendation has been made. This card has a field for award date.

Until the award is made, we currently leave the award date field blank. We consider this to be a bug, since it could be confusing for users who have just recommended a trainee.

How it works

We’ve added content which will appear in the award date field until the award has been made.

The content says, for example, “Waiting for award – met standards on 31 May 2023”. It gives the date which the user entered when they recommended the trainee for teaching status.

We considered adding a separate row to show the date on which the user recommended the trainee for teaching status.

This date will almost always be the same date as the award was made. This means that the recommendation date will not be useful once the award has been made, so we decided not to include it.

The record for a trainee who has been recommended for QTS. There’s a summary card for QTS details, which contains the field for award date. This reads “Waiting for award - met standards on 31 May 2023”.