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Updating information about bursaries and scholarships

We recently updated the bursary and scholarship information on Find postgraduate teacher training (Find) following the publication of funding information for the 2023 to 2024 academic year.

What we changed

We have:

  • added bursary and scholarship information as per the published funding amounts to the ‘Financial support from the government’ section of the course description
  • updated the secondary subject question to explain bursary and scholarship eligibility

Secondary subject question

When creating a secondary course, providers can choose one or two subjects, for example, biology, psychology, English and drama, geography and history.

If one of the subjects is ‘modern languages’, providers can also choose from a list of languages.

We had previously hidden the second subject within a details component. Important information about bursaries and scholarships was also hidden within this component.

We have removed the details component. The second subject drop-down is now positioned below the first subject drop-down and is marked as ‘optional’.

We moved the bursary and scholarship information to the top of the page. We include a link to the ‘Funding initial teacher training (ITT) for the academic year 2023 to 2024’ publication on GOV.UK.

Further considerations

In a future piece of work, we will update the subject and modern languages questions to include bursary and scholarship information, allowing providers to make an informed decision when creating a course.

Add course - secondary subject#

Screenshot of Add course - secondary subject

Edit course - secondary subject#

Screenshot of Edit course - secondary subject

Course description - bursary#

Screenshot of Course description - bursary

Course description - bursary and scholarship#

Screenshot of Course description - bursary and scholarship