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Showing financial support from the government

Bursaries and scholarships are available to trainees on tuition fee-based teacher training courses in England that lead to a qualified teacher status (QTS) award.

Receiving a bursary or scholarship depends on:

  • highest relevant academic award
  • initial teacher training (ITT) subject

Trainees are only eligible for a bursary or scholarship if they’re entitled to support under the student finance criteria.

What we changed

We do not currently show bursary and scholarship information in the service.

To make the service consistent with Find postgraduate teacher training (Find), we added ‘Financial support from government’ to the course length and fees section of the course description page.

How it works

If a bursary is available, we show the bursary amount. For example, ‘Bursaries of £10,000 available’.

Scholarships do not exist independently from bursaries.

We show the scholarship and bursary amounts if a scholarship is available. For example, ‘Scholarships of £26,000 and bursaries of £24,000 are available’.

If no financial support is available for the academic year, we show ‘None available’.

If the financial support information is unavailable, we show ‘Information not yet available’.

Course description - financial support#

Screenshot of Course description - financial support