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Changing ‘cycle’ to ‘recruitment cycle’

We were inconsistent in referring to recruitment cycles in Publish teacher training courses (Publish).

We updated the content to match how we refer to recruitment cycles in Manage teacher training applications (Manage) and align with our Becoming a Teacher (BAT) style guide.

What we changed

In Publish, we used the year the course starts and the year the course ends, followed by ‘cycle’. For example, ‘the 2022 to 2023 cycle’. In Manage, we use the years in which candidates can apply. For example, ‘2021 to 2022 recruitment cycle’.

To avoid confusion, we updated Publish wording and used the recruitment cycle dates to match Manage.

We also updated our emails to use the correct wording in line with our style guide.

Recruitment cycles

When referring to the period candidates can apply, we use ‘Recruitment cycle’ plus the dates. For example:

“The 2021 to 2022 recruitment cycle is now open.”

“Recruitment cycle - 2021 to 2022”

In Publish, users can switch between two recruitment cycles, so we make it clear which is the current cycle by adding ‘- current’.

Academic year

When referring to the period courses are running, we use ‘Academic year’ plus the dates. For example:

“The 2022 to 2023 academic year.”

“Academic year - 2022 to 2023”

We may need to refer to academic years in emails. We only need to refer to academic years in Publish on the course details page to show which academic year the financial incentives belong.

Recruitment cycle switcher#

Screenshot of Recruitment cycle switcher

Course details#

Screenshot of Course details