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What is an ITT provider?

ITT providers are organisations responsible for recruiting trainee teachers and delivering ITT courses.

An ITT provider can be:

  • universities - also known as a higher education institution (HEI)
  • school-centred (SCITT)

School-centred ITT providers are typically a group of schools working together.

Types of ITT providers

Accredited ITT providers

Accredited ITT providers are legal entities accredited by the Department for Education (DfE) to deliver teacher training that leads to qualified teacher status (QTS).

Accredited ITT providers have full and final accountability for all aspects of training design, delivery, and quality across their partnerships.

DfE’s statutory guidance is detailed in the ITT criteria (PDF, 49 pages).

Lead partners

Lead partners have operational or strategic roles with responsibilities such as trainee recruitment, delivering training, involvement in curriculum design, supplying lead mentors, or running Intensive Training and Practice (ITP).

Responsibilities are delegated by accredited ITT providers through partnership agreements.

Who organises school placements for trainee teachers?

Both accredited ITT providers and lead partners can organise schools placements depending on their partnership agreements.

What is a placement school?

Placement schools host placements and provide general ITT mentors for trainee teachers. No special designation is required.

Any school can host trainee teachers. DfE doesn’t stipulate requirements for placement schools. However, we know from research that ITT providers have their own rules or practices, such as not placing trainees in schools that are rated Ofsted ‘inadequate’ or are in special measures.

ITT providers are responsible for working with their placement schools to ensure they can provide the appropriate support for a trainee.

Are placement schools classed as ITT providers?

Placement schools are not classed as ITT providers.

Hosting placements and providing mentors for trainees does not mean a school is an ITT provider. However, SCITTs and lead partners generally host placements and deliver ITT.

What is a teaching school hub (TSH)?

TSHs are centres of excellence for teacher training and development, led by some of the country’s best schools and multi-academy trusts. The network of 87 TSHs has national coverage, ensuring every school in England has access to a centre of excellence.

TSHs play a significant role in delivering:

  • school-based ITT
  • the early career framework
  • national professional qualifications

The ITT market review resulted in a requirement that every TSH should play a role in the delivery of ITT – either as an accredited provider or a lead partner. In addition, TSHs have a strategic role in ITT, including encouraging and supporting their local schools to host placements for trainee teachers.