Posts tagged ‘providers’

  1. Preparing for ITT reform

    How the service will change to adapt to the new ITT policy

  2. Understanding the relationships between organisations delivering initial teacher training

    We mapped the relationships between accredited providers, lead partners and placement schools delivering initial teacher training

  3. Preventing duplicate mentor-provider claims

    We added a way to prevent schools from submitting duplicate claims for funding their mentors’ training

  4. Understanding trainee withdrawals

    We conducted data analysis and desktop research to understand what we know and what we don’t know about why trainees withdraw from teacher training

  5. What is an ITT provider?

    ITT providers are organisations responsible for recruiting trainee teachers and delivering ITT courses

  6. Collecting all trainee data directly from providers

    We are designing tools to allow all providers to efficiently provide information about their trainee teachers directly to the Department of Education

  7. Uploading bulk placement data

    We created a bulk upload tool to help ITT providers make changes to multiple trainee records at the same time

  8. Recording trainee placement data

    We added trainee placement data to collect, analyse and better understand how to meet the placement needs of both providers and trainees

  9. Adding an ITT provider when JavaScript is unavailable

    We added a no-JavaScript version of the add ITT provider flow

  10. Adding organisations in Support

    Giving the support team the ability to add schools and ITT providers to the service

  11. Updating organisation details

    We updated the organisation details section to reflect work done on adding and editing organisations in Support

  12. Allowing providers to import applications with conditions pending

    Making it possible to register trainees whose status in Apply has not yet changed to recruited.

  13. Adding and editing organisations

    Improving how the support team adds and edits organisation details

  14. Asking providers to sign off trainee data for the previous academic year

    We created a way for providers to confirm which trainees qualified, withdrew and deferred in the previous academic year.

  15. Showing providers the funding they receive

    Improving transparency and clarity in how the DfE decides how much it pays each month

  16. Reorganising organisation details

    We updated the organisation details section to lay out the content better

  17. Initial support for users who work for multiple providers

    Dipping our toes in to the complex world of organisations, providers, and schools