1. Highlighting fees for international candidates

    Giving international candidates better visibility of what fees they would need to pay for each course.

  2. Reordering the filter list

    We reordered the filter list to help international candidates find courses that sponsor visas

  3. Including a question about visa sponsorship in the find a course flow

    We added a question to the find a course flow to ask users if they need a visa sponsorship

  4. Adding visa sponsorship information to the summary list on a course page

    We added information about whether a course has visa sponsorship available or not to the summary list on the course page

  5. Improving the information on a salaried course page

    We made some improvements to the static content on salaried course pages to make it more informative

  6. Showing ‘Study sites’ on the course details page

    We renamed the ‘School placements’ section to ‘Training locations’ on the course details page and added ‘Study sites’

  7. Improving the content above school placements and in the provider search

    We changed the content above the list of school placements and in the provider search to make it more accurate

  8. Filtering courses by funding type

    Exploring how we might filter courses more specifically by fee paying courses, salaried courses and salaried teaching apprenticeship courses

  9. Showing course funding information

    We improved how we show course funding information to make it easier for candidates to understand

  10. Removing school placement vacancies

    We removed the school placement vacancy status as this was misleading for candidates

  11. Including a link to the Get Into Teaching bursaries and scholarships page

    We added a link from the ‘Financial support from the government’ section to a page about bursaries and scholarships on Get Into Teaching

  12. Renaming ‘accredited body’ to ‘accredited provider’

    We replaced the term ‘accredited body’ with ‘accredited provider’ to reflect how we talk about providers internally and externally

  13. Changing ‘locations’ to ‘schools’ in the school placements section

    We changed ‘locations’ to ‘schools’ in the school placements section to more accurately describe what the locations are

  14. Updating ‘Entry requirements’ content in line with policy

    We updated the content in the ‘Entry requirements’ section on the course page to make sure its consistent with policy

  15. Adding content about Get Into Teaching events

    We added some more content about Get Into Teaching events and updated the campaign links

  16. Redesigning the content in the ‘International candidates’ section and improving visa information

    We reviewed the layout of the ‘International candidates’ section and improved the visa content so that it is more accurate

  17. Making school placements content more accurate and consistent

    We changed school placements content on course pages to make it accurately reflect the candidates’ experience

  18. Sorting by course name in the search results

    We added sorting by course name to make it easier for users to find the courses they want

  19. Adding information about relocation payments to course pages

    We added content about relocation payments to the international candidates section

  20. Improving the HTML page titles on the course results page

    We updated the HTML page titles on the course results page to make them more accessible

  21. Including information about subject knowledge enhancement (SKE) courses

    We updated content in the ‘Entry requirements’ section and added a link to more information about SKE courses

  22. Adding and updating links to Get Into Teaching

    We added more links to advice pages on the Get Into Teaching website

  23. Updating the service to improve accessibility

    We have made some changes to the service, which aren’t visually apparent but improve accessibility

  24. Adding a submit button to the ‘sort by’ form to improve accessibility

    We have removed the automatic form submission and added a submit button

  25. Expanding abbreviations to improve accessibility

    We updated and expanded the abbreviations used in the service to improve accessibility

  26. Updating error pages

    We updated error pages shown when a page is not found or when there is a problem with the service

  27. Fixing the ‘Engineers teach physics’ content in the ‘Qualifications needed’ section

    We updated the ‘Engineers teach physics’ content in the ‘Qualifications needed’ section of a course’s entry requirements

  28. Adding guidance for international candidates if the course is a teaching apprenticeship

    We added guidance about residency requirements for international candidates applying for a teaching apprenticeship course

  29. Extending the browsable Find concept with provider details pages

    We added provider details pages to the browsable Find concept to make it easier for users to find information about a provider and their courses

  30. Updating information about bursaries and scholarships

    We updated the bursary and scholarship information following the publication of funding information for the academic year 2023 to 2024

  31. Filterable Find postgraduate training courses (Find) concept

    We built a prototype that removed the need for the question pages and focused the user on a complete list of courses, which they can search and filter

  32. Adding an ‘Engineers teach physics’ filter to the results list

    We added a way for candidates to filter physics courses to only show those that are part of the ‘Engineers teach physics’ programme

  33. Enhancing the browsable Find concept prototype

    We made some improvements to the browse Find prototype

  34. Improving the content on the search results page and course page

    We made content improvements to filter headings, course listing and course page

  35. Making the service more browseable

    How we could use links instead of form-based questions

  36. Exploring selected filter tags

    How filter tags might work on Find

  37. Updating the ‘International candidates’ section

    Why we have updated and renamed this section

  38. Removing 2 filters

    Why we removed subject and location as filters

  39. Degree requirements filter

    Why we added a new filter to Find

  40. New subject flow

    Why we changed how users select course subjects

  41. Finding courses at the end of the 2021 cycle

    Helping candidates navigate end of cycle policies

  42. Visa sponsorship filter

    Why we added a new filter to Find

  43. New ‘International students’ section

    Why we have added a new section to course paes

  44. Standardising entry requirement content

    Why we have made the descriptions of entry requirements more consistent

  45. Searching by location (iteration)

    Updates to the design of search results having conducted a design review

  46. Searching by location

    Considering a different way to model where providers offer school placements

  47. Prompting for feedback

    Gathering feedback on Find in a way that is consistent with Apply

  48. End of cycle notices for 2020

    Informing candidates about course availability as different deadlines in the recruitment cycle approach or are reached

  49. Placement schools in search results

    Iterating results to better indicate why a University course is near to a candidate and trying maps

  50. Course page workshop

    Identifying user and stakeholder needs and opportunities for course page improvements