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Fixing the ‘Engineers teach physics’ content in the ‘Qualifications needed’ section

When viewing an ‘Engineers teach physics’ course on Find postgraduate teacher training (Find), we incorrectly show a message stating candidates need a degree in Engineers teach physics. This is because the degree name tag is based on the course title.

What we changed

If a physics course is marked as an ‘Engineers teach physics, we show the following:

Your degree subject should be in engineering, material science or a related subject. Otherwise, you’ll need to prove your subject knowledge in some other way.

If your degree is not in engineering or a related subject, please apply to our physics course.

Further considerations

We will change the degree name tag to use the subject of a course, not the title. We will make an acception for ETP courses, as physics is not the required degree for these courses.


Course description#

Screenshot of Course description