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Simplifying the sign up page

Our error message tracking showed us that the error message “You must agree to the terms of use” had been triggered 4,083 times. Given that we had around 95,000 candidates who have used the service, this was an error rate of around 4%.

We assume that most of these errors were caused by users not noticing the checkbox, as there was a lot of content on the page.

There did not seem to be any legal reason for having to check a checkbox to agree to terms of use at the account creation stage.

We removed the checkbox, and linked to the terms of use instead.

We also took the opportunity to dramatically reduce and simplify the content on the page.



Screenshot showing sign up page containing an error message and sections describing why you will not need a password to use the service and how we look after your data
Previous sign up page


Screenshot showing sign up page containing just the line 'By continuing you agree to our terms of use and privacy policy.'
New sign up page