Posts tagged ‘visa sponsorship’

  1. Improving how candidates view course information and compare courses

    Reducing the length of course pages and moving information to be accessible at the point of need.

  2. Stopping candidates from applying for courses that do not sponsor visas

    We designed a pattern to stop international candidates applying for courses that cannot sponsor visas.

  3. Adding questions about visa sponsorship to organisation details

    We added questions about visa sponsorship to the edit organisation flow

  4. Redesigning the content in the ‘International candidates’ section and improving visa information

    We reviewed the layout of the ‘International candidates’ section and improved the visa content so that it is more accurate

  5. Making the visa sponsorship questions clearer

    We improved the clarity of the visa sponsorship questions and made them more specific

  6. Adding questions about visa sponsorship to courses

    We added questions about visa sponsorship to the new course and the edit course flows

  7. Updating the visa sponsorship guidance

    We updated the visa sponsorship guidance for providers to include candidate eligibility criteria and how sponsorship works

  8. Visa sponsorship question wording change

    Why we updated the visa sponsorship question

  9. Visa sponsorship filter

    Why we added a new filter to Find

  10. New ‘International students’ section

    Why we have added a new section to course paes

  11. Visa sponsorship

    Asking providers which visas they can sponsor