Posts tagged ‘user permissions’

  1. Helping users understand the effect of organisation permissions

    We created guidance to explain how organisation permissions affect what users can do and how to check the permissions.

  2. Emailing users when their permissions are updated

    Adding a new email notification which is sent when a user’s permissions are updated.

  3. Changing what we show to users who do not have permissions

    Improving how we deal with users who do not have permissions and improving the layout of the sex, disability and ethnicity section of the application

  4. Telling users when a partner organisation sets permissions

    Sending an email to users when their partner organisation sets up permissions for the first time or changes them

  5. Changing ‘organisational’ to ‘organisation’

    We’ll use ‘organisation permissions’ and ‘organisation settings’ throughout the service

  6. Organisation and user permissions research

    Finding out whether users can set organisation and user permissions, and understand the links between the two

  7. Showing partners when user permissions apply to all or none of the relationships

    Reinstating the list of partners next to each user permission even when the permission applies to all or none of the relationships

  8. Displaying permissions in the user list

    Displaying user permissions next to each user in the list so that users don’t have to click through to see them

  9. Moving organisational permissions guidance above the form

    Moving the organisational permissions hint text above the form and some other related tweaks

  10. Setting up organisational permissions when new partner courses are opened

    Changing the way we notify and ask users to set up organisational permissions for newly opened partner courses

  11. Simplifying how we ask about and display permissions

    Changes to help us find out whether we can simplify user and organisational permissions

  12. Require users to choose an organisation before changing organisation settings

    Users will only be able to change organisational permissions and user settings for one organisation at a time

  13. Creating a new permission allowing users to set up interviews

    Splitting the set up interviews user permission from the make decisions permission

  14. Let accredited body users set organisational permissions

    Let accredited bodies set up and change organisational permissions

  15. Giving all users access to view their organisation’s users and permissions

    Giving all users the ability to view their organisation’s users and permissions regardless of their own permissions

  16. Improving organisational and user permissions

    Changes throughout the set up and manage journeys for organisational and user permissions.