Posts tagged ‘transition’

  1. Choosing which service to apply through

    During transition, providers can offer training courses through both UCAS and/or DfE. Which service should a candidate use?

  2. What we shipped for UCAS transition

    Locations, location editing and vacancies

  3. An MVP for the first cohort transition from UCAS

    A projected cut of the service and how it will look around the time we transition the first and second cohorts from UCAS

  4. Email about Publish changes in April

    Sent on Wednesday 13 March

  5. Email asking for providers who are available 15-18 April for our first UCAS transition group

    Sent on Thursday 7 March

  6. Explaining transition

    A page transitioned organisations will see when they first sign in

  7. Email announcing UCAS transition

    Sent on Monday 20 February

  8. Status logic before UCAS transition

    How vacancies, applications and whether a course is on Find is derived from a set of training locations

  9. Preparing for more features

    Updating the organisation and courses pages to accommodate new features being added as part of UCAS transition

  10. Rethinking the publish workflow

    What does the publish workflow look like after UCAS transition?