Posts tagged ‘statuses’

  1. Separating the ‘Published’ status into ‘Open’, ‘Closed’ and ‘Scheduled’ statuses

    We updated the ‘Published’ status to more accurately describe the state the course is in on Find postgraduate teacher training

  2. Reviewing course statuses

    We reviewed the course statuses and found ways to improve them

  3. Moving the position of course status and course actions

    We moved the course status tag and course actions to make it easier for users to see the status of their course and take action

  4. Tracking conditions individually

    Let providers track and update the status of offer conditions individually.

  5. Status logic before UCAS transition

    How vacancies, applications and whether a course is on Find is derived from a set of training locations

  6. Migrating publish statuses

    How old UCAS status and enrichment status should map to a single new status

  7. Course statuses – 15 October iteration

    We have uncovered more complexity around course statuses on UCAS

  8. Course statuses – 3 August iteration

    A more indepth look at UCAS course status and how it will affect publishing

  9. UCAS course status

    An iteration on the onboarding design (read-only) to include course status