Posts tagged ‘research’

  1. Round 5 accessibility research findings

    We conducted research with users with accessibility needs to ensure the service is inclusive of their needs and usable with assistive technology

  2. User research with private beta ITT providers

    We conducted research with our private beta providers to understand if the processes to share claim data we have put in place meet their needs

  3. Round 4 accessibility research findings

    We conducted accessibility testing to ensure that the service is usable by everyone, including users with disabilities

  4. Round 3 research findings

    We tested the final iterations of the prototype ahead of private beta go live

  5. User research round 2 findings

    Testing the ‘Find placements’ journey with ITT providers

  6. Round 2 research findings

    We tested iterations of the service to help users gain a better understanding of the service, as well as their expectations of post-submission and sampling

  7. Round 1 research findings

    We tested the first iteration of the ‘make a claim’ and ‘add a mentor’ journeys to gain insights into the users of the service, their behaviours and mental models

  8. User research round 1 findings

    Testing the ‘Add mentor’ and ‘Add placement’ journeys with school users

  9. Accredited bodies research - Round 3

    Research on the role of accredited bodies and their relationships with their partner schools

  10. Accredited bodies research - Reporting round 2

    Continued research with accredited bodies to determine reporting needs

  11. Accredited bodies research - Reporting

    Research interviews with accredited bodies to determine reporting needs

  12. Choose how to apply – Iteration and research

    An updated journey into UCAS or new Apply service, tested with users

  13. Choose how to apply

    User journey into UCAS or new Apply service

  14. Results on a map – User research 18 October

    A combination of the full screen and original design

  15. Iteration 28 June 2018

    Add character counts and refine preview

  16. Folded courses research 8 June 2018

    Testing study options in search results and on the course information page

  17. User research 25 April 2018

  18. User research 12 April 2018

    Testing business studies flow with users interested in becoming a teacher, but not necessarily within business studies.