Posts tagged ‘qualifications’

  1. Fixing the ‘Engineers teach physics’ content in the ‘Qualifications needed’ section

    We updated the ‘Engineers teach physics’ content in the ‘Qualifications needed’ section of a course’s entry requirements

  2. Adding support for iQTS

    Adding support for registering trainees studying international qualified teacher status (iQTS)

  3. Supporting foundation degrees

    How we have improved support for foundation degrees

  4. Degree autocomplete changes

    Why we made changes to the autocomplete

  5. Changing the order of the initial degree questions

    Why we changed the order of questions to improve usability

  6. Improving the qualifications section of the application details page

    We put qualifications into summary lists and made other improvements to how we display them

  7. Making it clearer that a candidate has chosen not to add A levels and other qualifications

    We renamed the section to ‘A levels and other qualifications’, added a summary list and made changes to the table of qualifications

  8. Degree grade requirement warning message

    Warning candidates when they do not meet the degree grade requirement.

  9. Content improvements for international candidates

    Examples of how to enter international grades, explaining the difference between GCSE English and English as a foreign language qualifications.

  10. Removing the highest academic qualification question

    Why we think we do not need this question and an alternate design if we do

  11. Changes to the GCSE questions and guidance

    Helping candidates apply for courses which accept pending GCSEs or equivalency tests

  12. Showing degree institution regardless of candidate nationality or application status

    Showing the institution of the candidate’s degree regardless of their nationality or status of their application

  13. Encouraging candidates to add A levels

    A levels are not part of the teacher training entry requirements so candidates do not have to enter them, yet A levels can help candidates demonstrate knowledge in a wider range of subjects.

  14. Asking for degree grades

    Making it easier to enter predicted and international degree grades.

  15. Opening up the service to international candidates

    Allowing international candidates to give details about their residency status, address, language skills and academic qualifications.

  16. Structured data for pre-degree qualifications

    Capturing structured answers for GCSE and other pre-degree qualifications.

  17. Structured data for degree qualifications

    Capturing structured answers for degree qualifications to facilitate reporting to HESA.

  18. Adding academic and other relevant qualifications

    Encourage candidates to demonstrate their subject knowledge and broader academic achievements.

  19. International qualifications

    Initial designs for capturing international qualifications.

  20. Asking for an undergraduate degree

    Get the most important degree details first.

  21. PGDE and further education courses

    We quickly iterated fixes to correctly indicate qualifications on these courses.