Posts tagged ‘placements’

  1. Adding a subject to a placement

    We changed the way that school users add the subject to a placement.

  2. Adding a placement before adding mentors

    We updated the service to allow placements to be added before mentors.

  3. Viewing partner school placements

    Exploring how we might show partner school placements to ITT providers

  4. Finding new school placements

    Exploring how ITT providers might find new school placements for their trainees

  5. Adding placements if you belong to a school

    Based on our learnings from Alpha, we continued exploring how schools might add placements to the service

  6. Searching for a school (part 2)

    Designs for our non-JavaScript school search

  7. Initial placements findings

    Initial findings on placements show they are more complex than we initially thought

  8. Searching for a school (part 1)

    Exploring using an autocomplete to pick schools

  9. Collecting placement details

    A first pass at collecting a trainees’ placement details