Posts tagged ‘organisations’

  1. Updating how organisations manage their locations

    We improved the process of managing locations and now allow providers to remove locations

  2. Simplifying how organisations manage their users

    We simplified the process of managing users and removed the need for Support team involvement

  3. Notifications for users with access to multiple organisations

    Allowing accredited body users to choose which organisations they receive notifications about

  4. Researching the needs of users with access to multiple organisations

    We were interested in learning more about users who belong to multiple organisations

  5. Highlighting the multiple organisations feature

    Call out how to get access to more organisations

  6. Preparing for more features

    Updating the organisation and courses pages to accommodate new features being added as part of UCAS transition

  7. Iteration – 24 August

    Split homepage into tasks, Step 1 and Step 2

  8. Iteration – 23 August

    Trying to bring ‘About your organisation’ into the user journey

  9. Shared organisation details

    Share organisation information between courses and split the organisation page across tabs

  10. Managing multiple organisations

    Some users will be responsible for courses from multiple organisations. eg SCITT-schools