Posts tagged ‘notifications’

  1. Managing individual email notifications

    Let users choose which emails they receive

  2. Audit of email notifications and improvements to content

    We documented which emails are sent and when. We also improved the content to make the notifications clearer and more concise

  3. Sending users a weekly summary of notifications

    We created a weekly summary email and a way for users to choose whether to receive it.

  4. Letting users turn off the email reminder to make a decision

    Adding an option to toggle the email reminder about making a decision when there’s just 20 days left until automatic rejection.

  5. Emailing a candidate when their course details are changed

    We created an email for candidates when course details are changed before an offer is made. We also updated the email sent when course details are changed at the same time as or after an offer is made.

  6. Emailing a candidate when the status of their conditions has been updated

    Telling a candidate when the provider changes the status of offer conditions to met or pending

  7. Notifications iteration

    Iterating the notifications we send to accredited bodies

  8. Notifications for users with access to multiple organisations

    Allowing accredited body users to choose which organisations they receive notifications about

  9. Managing notifications – feedback from universities

    Changes to notifications following research with HEIs

  10. Managing notifications

    Initial ideas for managing notifications

  11. Notifications MVP

    Identifying an initial set of notifications and the critical user flows required to manage notifications in Publish teacher training courses

  12. Emails for the new 2019/20 cycle

    Prompts and updates for providers

  13. UCAS Apply preferences: Letters and alerts

    Only the GT12 letter and email alert preferences are needed

  14. UCAS Apply preferences

    Settings such as GT12 letters, Star J, Star X and other requirements