Posts tagged ‘notes’

  1. Clarifying which notes are shown in the application list

    We definined what we consider to be the latest note and changed the search box label.

  2. Changing how notes are displayed

    We changed the way notes are displayed since letting users change or delete them.

  3. Removing the individual note pages

    We removed the individual note pages because they repeat information available in the notes list.

  4. Letting users change and delete notes

    We added options for users to change and delete notes rather than just keep creating new ones.

  5. Explaining that notes are not shown to candidates

    We added content to the notes page to make it clear that candidates cannot see notes added by providers.

  6. Showing notes in the application list

    We added the latest note for each application to the application list.

  7. Removing the subject field from notes

    Why we decided to remove the note subject field