Posts tagged ‘international candidates’

  1. Improving how candidates view course information and compare courses

    Reducing the length of course pages and moving information to be accessible at the point of need.

  2. Redesigning the content in the ‘International candidates’ section and improving visa information

    We reviewed the layout of the ‘International candidates’ section and improved the visa content so that it is more accurate

  3. Adding guidance for international candidates if the course is a teaching apprenticeship

    We added guidance about residency requirements for international candidates applying for a teaching apprenticeship course

  4. Updating the ‘International candidates’ section

    Why we have updated and renamed this section

  5. Content improvements for international candidates

    Examples of how to enter international grades, explaining the difference between GCSE English and English as a foreign language qualifications.

  6. New ‘International students’ section

    Why we have added a new section to course paes

  7. Show tuition fee status

    Let users see when a candidate’s application is eligible for home tuition fee funding.

  8. Opening up the service to international candidates

    Allowing international candidates to give details about their residency status, address, language skills and academic qualifications.

  9. International qualifications

    Initial designs for capturing international qualifications.

  10. International address

    Initial designs for capturing international addresses.