Posts tagged ‘filters’

  1. Adding an ‘Engineers teach physics’ filter to the results list

    We added a way for candidates to filter physics courses to only show those that are part of the ‘Engineers teach physics’ programme

  2. Improving the content on the search results page and course page

    We made content improvements to filter headings, course listing and course page

  3. Updating organisation search and filters

    We updated the search and filters to make it easier for users to find organisations

  4. Exploring selected filter tags

    How filter tags might work on Find

  5. Removing 2 filters

    Why we removed subject and location as filters

  6. Degree requirements filter

    Why we added a new filter to Find

  7. Visa sponsorship filter

    Why we added a new filter to Find

  8. Special educational needs (SEN) filter

    SEN is a subject, but also not a subject. Any subject could have an SEN focus.