Posts tagged ‘apply again’

  1. Apply again to 3 courses

    We changed our policy so that candidates can apply to 3 courses when applying again.

  2. Allowing candidates to apply again earlier

    An exploration of changes to the rules around ‘applying again’

  3. Apply again changes

    Encouraging candidates to apply again, using feedback from previous applications.

  4. Apply again: Accept or decline an offer and withdrawing

    Tweaks to the language used when responding to offers or withdrawing.

  5. Apply again: Choose a course first

    Reduce risk of candidates completing a second application for a course that is only available through UCAS.

  6. Applying again (iteration)

    A bunch of changes to improve the application process when applying again. Some of the changes are just as applicable when making the first application.

  7. What needs to change if you’re applying again

    What guidance, content and designs need to be tweaked when we build Apply 2.

  8. Applying again (Apply 2)

    Providing an option for unsuccessful applicants to apply again.