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Editing and removing organisation locations

We updated the ‘Edit location’ and ‘Remove location’ journeys to be more consistent with Publish teacher training courses (Publish).

What we changed

We have:

  • updated the edit location flow
  • introduced a confirmation step for removing a location

How it works

Location details

On the location details page, we show a summary list of the location’s details, including:

  • name
  • location code
  • unique reference number (URN)
  • address

Users can change the location’s name, URN and address. They cannot change the location code as this is generated by the service.

This page also includes a ‘Remove location’ link, allowing users to remove the location from the organisation.

Editing a location

Selecting ‘Change’ next to any location details takes the user to the edit location form, where they can edit the location name, URN and address.

The edit location form includes:

  • location name
  • unique reference number
  • address line 1
  • address line 2
  • town or city
  • county
  • postcode

Location name, address line 1 and postcode are required fields. If the data is missing or incorrect, we display an error message.

Removing a location

We introduced the ability to remove a location from the organisation.

When someone clicks ‘Remove location’, they must confirm the removal.

If the location is attached to a course, they cannot remove the location before first removing it from the course.

Provider locations list#

Screenshot of Provider locations list

Location details#

Screenshot of Location details

Edit location#

Screenshot of Edit location

Location updated#

Screenshot of Location updated

Remove location#

Screenshot of Remove location

Location cannot be removed#

Screenshot of Location cannot be removed

Location removed#

Screenshot of Location removed