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School direct view

School Direct routes are the most complex. List schools, show multiple UCAS courses per subject, show folded course summary.

We tested this with West London Teaching School Alliance:
research session. We also demoed it to groups of School Direct and SCITT providers in Brighton and Reading. Some provider user needs have been derived from these sessions: provider user needs

An iteration of this was tested with Kingston School Direct


Screenshot of Courses


Screenshot of Course

Course details from UCAS#

Screenshot of Course details from UCAS

About this course#

Screenshot of About this course

About this training provider#

Screenshot of About this training provider

Interview process

Depending on the course the interview can be different. For a salaried course the school you’ll be training in will have a greater say over the applicant.

Placement schools

This box is universally hated. It’s perhaps doing too much – combining pattern of placements, course structure and how you are placed.

Possible alternatives: “When you’ll spend time in a different school”, “Schools you’ll train in”.

Course requirements#

Screenshot of Course requirements


Screenshot of Qualification

Qualification outcomes are more complex than this. For example:

  • QTS with a PGCE top-up – top-ups can vary, eg alumni PGCE, this also affects fees
  • PGCE can vary, some have masters credits others do not – sometimes you do not get the PGCE if you fail the masters bit, sometimes that does not matter


Screenshot of Salary

The salary is not available. It’s based on the national teacher’s pay scale that is not published until later in the year.

Schools have also been applying that scale differently, eg pro rata based on time in schools vs full time. Rules around this are unclear.

We need to remove the salary field and add guidance around how much salary there will be in existing box (eg setting against pay scale).


Screenshot of Preview


Screenshot of Schools


Screenshot of Organisation