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Iteration 26 June 2018

Following user research with providers, it was found that the “About this course” field was confusing when it could potentially apply to different course variants.

Where there are different accrediting providers, those providers have a significant impact on the course and how it should be presented to applicants. Courses with different accrediting providers must not be folded into each other.

We set up 6 unmoderated research sessions with providers where we asked them to complete a single course listing. One user completed this task before we made some small iterations to this design: completed course listing


Screenshot of Courses


Screenshot of Course

Course details from UCAS#

Screenshot of Course details from UCAS

PGCE with QTS course option#

Screenshot of PGCE with QTS course option

In large text boxes it is not clear what formatting, if any, a user can put in. We’ve seen users assume that paragraphs and lists are accepted.

QTS with salary course option#

Screenshot of QTS with salary course option

About your organisation#

Screenshot of About your organisation

Requirements and eligibility#

Screenshot of Requirements and eligibility


Screenshot of Preview