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Enrichment release – 6 September

Screenshots of Publish teacher training courses (Publish), based upon the Manage teacher training applications (Manage) designs, as released on 6 September.

This is what the service looked like when we enabled organisation and course enrichment for the first time.

This release does not include:

  • editing contact details
  • about your organisation layout improvements
  • persistent validation on publish

User research

After launch we tested this with providers:

Insights were recorded in Google Sheets.


Screenshot of Organisation


Screenshot of Course

Course new and not yet running#

Screenshot of Course new and not yet running

Course not running#

Screenshot of Course not running

About this course#

Screenshot of About this course

Fees and length#

Screenshot of Fees and length

Requirements and eligibility#

Screenshot of Requirements and eligibility


Screenshot of Preview

About your organisation#

Screenshot of About your organisation

Request access#

Screenshot of Request access