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Shared organisation details

The ‘About your organisation’ section is not unique to a course (see old design). The data is about the organisation itself. Represent this by moving the fields out of course pages and up to the organisation view.

To accommodate this new section, put courses and request access in tabs alongside it.

Accrediting providers

An organisation can have no accrediting provider, one provider, or many. Add a field to describe each accrediting provider (if there are any), and remove guidance around accrediting provider from the ‘Training with you’ field. Only one will show to applicants at any given time.

Number of accreditors Providers with that many accreditors
0 or 1 accreditor 865 providers
2 accreditors 147 providers
3 accreditors 41 providers
4 accreditors 13 providers
5 accreditors 1 provider
6 accreditors 1 provider
7 accreditors 1 provider



Screenshot of Organisation

About your organisation#

Screenshot of About your organisation

With one accrediting provider#

Screenshot of With one accrediting provider

With multiple accrediting providers#

Screenshot of With multiple accrediting providers

Course without organisation section#

Screenshot of Course without organisation section