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Mission patches

Apply for teacher training

The mascot for Apply (and Manage) is a beaver named Brian Townley. We chose a beaver because we are building a complex service and delivering it in the rapid-flowing waters of the ever-changing initial teacher training market.

Find postgraduate teacher training

The mascot for Find is a canary. When we launched Publish we weren’t sure how much our recent integration with DfE Sign-in would work. Our first few providers were used as canaries to test if they could access service – we had many dead canaries until we got the process right and could roll out the service to everyone.

Publish teacher training courses

Pip the Publish penguin represents resilience and focus. In freezing temperatures, penguins rely on excellent teamwork by huddling together to keep warm. The heart celebrates the team huddling together to “give Publish some love”, while the bats are a reference to the wider service line. The igloos symbolise the building blocks of the API.

Penguins are streamlined, efficient and resourceful; just like we want to Publish to be.

Register trainee teachers

The mascot for Register is an octopus called Inky. We chose an octopus because they have multiple hearts which symbolises how multiple teams combined to form Publish/Register. Their many legs symbolise how we’re joining up many dots for internal and external stakeholders.

The team was formed during a period where they couldn’t be physically near, so just like an octopus, they reached with curiosity to connect with those around them.

Claim funding for mentor training

Claim funding for mentor training is a new service in private beta. The service aims to make it easy for schools to claim payment for the time their ITT mentors undertook training. Our team mascot is the wise Orangutan. ITT mentors are also wise and work to support and guide trainee teachers. These mentors will become wiser through high-quality training funded by the new service.

Get Into Teaching

The mascot for Get Into Teaching is called Tian. We chose a mole due to the fact that we were beginning to open up more as a society, much like a mole surfacing from underground.

We chose the plaid shirt and mug due to the fact that several team members shared this ‘look’ as a profile picture on Slack.

Get school experience

Wade, the tortoise, reflects our slow and steady progress. It draws inspiration from the first school that joined the service, Wade Deacon High School.

Support team

Our team of ants represent the drive and passion for supporting users across all our services (the services, currently seven, are shown as the backpacks our hardworking ants carry).

The sun and blue skies depict the happy and contented nature of the team and how they collectively make it a great working space. The Support Team banner flies high as the ants link together to demonstrate their collaboration and support of each other. Their antennae are on constant alert to assist and to be the voice of our users as we take forward their issues to product teams for service improvements.

Ants are ‘superorganisms’ because they operate as a unified entity, collectively working together to support the colony. In the same way, this team has a one-team philosophy to support each other, our users and our product teams.

Other projects

We use Diginate to print our stickers using the following specifications:

Vinyl stickers
Individuals on a square backing