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Accepting the grant conditions before accessing the service

Before submitting claims, a person with the appropriate authority at the school must accept the grant conditions.

We added a way for users to accept the grant conditions before accessing the service and making claims.

How it works

When a school’s first user signs in to the service, we show them the grant conditions (227KB PDF) for the service.

At the bottom of the page of conditions, we show a warning message:

By selecting ‘Accept grant conditions’, you declare that you have read and agreed to the above grant conditions as an authorised representative of [SCHOOL NAME].

We include a button labelled “Accept grant conditions” that a user must select before continuing.

Only one user from a school needs to accept the grant conditions. All subsequent users will not need to accept the conditions but can view them via a link in the footer.

We show who accepted the grant conditions in the organisation details section.

Grant conditions#

Screenshot of Grant conditions

Organisation details#

Screenshot of Organisation details